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More New Polls Show Republicans Take Lead As Senate Races Slip Away From Democrats

In the past week we’ve seen a slew of new poll suggesting big trouble for Democratic candidates in both gubernatorial and Senate races. More new polls released this week show similar results as Democrats who once held strong leads are seeing Republicans overtake them.

In Arkansas, where incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Pryor led almost every single poll all spring, Republican challenger Tom Cotton has now led by 2-4 percent in six straight June/July polls, including a Rasmussen poll, Magellan Strategies poll, Impact Management Group poll, CBS News/New York Times poll, Talk Business poll, and PPP poll.

In North Carolina, where the well-funded Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan led every poll in June and early July, Republican challenger Thom Tillis now leads by 1 percent according to a CBS News/New York Times poll and by 2 percent according to a Civitas poll.

In Kentucky, where Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes has put up a strong fight against Senate Minority Leader and incumbent Senator Mitch McConnell, leading him by three points as recently as June, McConnell appears to be back on top.

After a CBS News/New York Times poll showed McConnell retaking the lead with a 4 percent margin, a new Courier-Journal/Survey USA poll conducted in late July also had McConnell leading by 2 percent.

Last week we noted that the Florida gubernatorial race was starting to slip away from Democrats as incumbent Governor Rick Scott took the lead over former Governor Charlie Crist.

A new Survey USA poll now confirms what the recent CBS News/NYT poll and Rasmussen poll have shown with Scott leading Crist by 2 percent. Crist had led just about every single poll until June.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)