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New Poll: Elizabeth Warren, Not Hillary Clinton, Best Liked Candidate in 2016 Race

Quinnipiac, 3/26-3/31
Political Thermometer

  • Warren: 48.6
  • Clinton: 47.8
  • Ryan: 47.4
  • Jindal: 47.1
  • Walker: 46.6
  • Rubio: 46.3
  • Huckabee: 46.1
  • Paul: 45.7
  • Christie: 45.2
  • Bush: 44.7
  • Biden: 42.7
  • Cruz: 42.5
  • Santorum: 40.9
  • Perry: 40.2

A surprising new Qunnipiac poll has found that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is the best liked potential 2016 presidential candidate but her lack of name recognition has stunted her in public opinion polls.

According to the poll, conducted between March 26 and March 31, sampling 1,578 registered voters, Elizabeth Warren has the highest score on Quinnipiac’s “feeling thermometer” in which voters rate candidates on favorability using a scale of 0 to 100.

Warren received a mean score of 48.6, higher than any other candidate, but 46 percent of respondents said they do not know enough about Warren to form an opinion. In the last poll, conducted in January, Chris Christie had been the most liked candidate with a mean score of 55.5 but has since been hit hard by the Bridgegate scandal. Christie is now at 45.2.

Coming in right behind Warren is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a 47.8 rating. Right on her heels is Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan with a 47.4 score and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal with a 47.1.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee all finished in the 46 range while Kentucky Senator Rand Paul finished slightly behind them with a 45.7.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush scores a 44.7, followed by Joe Biden with 42.7, Ted Cruz with 42.5, Rick Santorum with 40.9, and Rick Perry with 40.2.

Warren was among the candidates that the most respondents said they did not know enough about. The least known potential 2016 candidate is former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer with 81 percent of respondents saying they do not know enough about him to form an opinion. Interestingly, 54 percent say they do not know enough about Scott Walker, 38 percent say they don’t know enough about Ted Cruz, and 18 percent say they do not know enough about Chris Christie.