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New Poll More Bad News For Hillary As Republicans Inch Closer in Another Swing State

PPP, 4/3-4/6
North Carolina

  • Clinton: 45, Bush: 44
  • Clinton: 46, Christie: 44
  • Clinton: 47, Paul: 43
  • Clinton: 48, Huckabee: 43

Barack Obama carried North Carolina in 2008 but lost the state to Mitt Romney in 2012. The Tar Heel State is as swingy a swing state as you will find and a new PPP poll shows a virtual tie between Hillary Clinton and just about every potential Republican candidate.

The poll, conducted between April 3 and April 6, sampling 740 registered North Carolina voters, found that every single Republican candidate is within five points of the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush now only trails the former Secretary of State by a point. The last poll we saw, back in March, also showed Bush trailing by just one point after Clinton had led him by 2-4 percent to start the year. Clearly, Bush is one of the stronger candidates in North Carolina.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie remains strong in the Tar Heel State as well, trailing Clinton by just two percent. He had led the former First Lady by 1-3 points until his Bridgegate scandal knocked him down in the polls. He had trailed Clinton by 3-4 percent in the last two polls we have seen since the scandal broke.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has also inched closer and now trails Clinton by just four points after the former New York Governor led the Tea Party favorite by 6 percent back in March. Last fall Paul trailed Clinton by 9 percent so he has made up some serious ground as his name recognition increases.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee trails Clinton by five points, a slight improvement from the 7 percent deficit he saw back in March.

We have noted it before but the longer this non-campaign goes, the worse it is for Clinton as “Hillary fatigue” sets in, replaced by potentially more exciting candidates.

  • Guest

    These polls demonstrate a segment of our culture that has not come to grips with two basic facts. First, Gov. Mike Huckabee is serious about running for US President in 2016. Secondly, there is a segment of the population who may not be aware of the many issues that are yet to be debated. When they are debated by the candidates, the dynamics will change.

  • 2012Huck1Fan

    A couple of issues that I believe would favor Gov. Mike Huckabee. First, a segment of our culture are not yet convinced Gov. Mike Huckabee is really serious this time about running in 2016. Second, there are issues when Gov. Huckabee and the candidates start debating will greatly shift the dynamics of these polls. It always does !