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New Poll: Obama Worst President, Reagan Best President of Modern Era

Quinnipiac, 6/24-6/30
Best President:

  • Reagan: 35
  • Clinton: 18
  • Kennedy: 15
  • Obama: 8
  • Eisenhower: 5
  • Truman: 4
  • Johnson: 3
  • Bush Sr.: 3
  • Carter: 2
  • Bush Jr.: 1
  • Ford: 1
  • Nixon: 1

Worst President:

  • Obama: 33
  • Bush Jr.: 28
  • Nixon: 13
  • Carter: 8
  • Johnson: 3
  • Clinton: 3
  • Reagan: 3
  • Ford: 2
  • Bush Sr.: 2
  • Eisenhower: 1
  • Kennedy: 0
  • Truman: 0

A new Quinnipiac poll has found that more voters think Barack Obama is the worst president since World War II than any other president, while a strong 35 percent said Ronald Reagan is the best we’ve had since 1945.

According to the poll, conducted between June 24 and June 30, sampling 1,446 registered voters, 33 percent of respondents believe Obama is the worst president of the modern era while 28 percent say it’s George W. Bush.

The last time Quinnipiac conducted a similar poll was back in 2006, about 5 ½ years into Bush’s presidency. Back then, 34 percent of voters considered Bush the worst president in modern history.

Obama and Bush received the majority of the votes. Just Richard Nixon received a significant amount, with 13 percent saying he was the worst and 8 percent saying Jimmy Carter was the worst.

Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, Ronald Regan, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, and Dwight Eisenhower all received just 1-3 percent.

On the positive side, 35 percent of respondents believe that Ronald Reagan is the best president we have seen since World War II. In the 2006 poll, just 28 percent said they thought Reagan was best.

Coming in a distant second is Bill Clinton, with 18 percent of the vote. Back in 2006, Clinton was in a virtual dead heat with Reagan with 25 percent of the vote so you can see how voter opinion has somewhat changed with a Democrat in office.

The only other president to receive a high score was John F. Kennedy with 15 percent of the vote.

Eight percent of respondents said that Obama is the best president since World War II while 5 percent said it was Eisenhower and 4 percent said it was Truman.

Johnson, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Carter, Ford, and Nixon all received 1-3 percent of the vote.

  • Dante Ardenz

    That scum George W Bush cannot be beat for bad. A retarded,dry drunk,who adopted the plans of Neoconservative ex Leftists,who are the agents of the Rothchilds,who own 57 % Of the US FED,and Israel,to lie us into wars,and unbalanced the budget in 2001,to hand out huge tax cuts,which enhanced the 1 %. 3 million manufacturing jobs,left the USA under him. 2 trillion cost for the war alone.

  • northstate

    I find it hard to believe that Reagan ranked number 1, above Eisenhower? Truman? Clinton? Johnson? Eisenhower saw the U.S. through a world war; Truman finished that war and integrated the military. Clinton and Johnson gave us Medicare and voting rights. Whoever your audience is, it must be so steeped in Fox News right wing propaganda it doesn’t qualify as a real poll.

    • jm Miller

      They only polled 1350 people. 27 per state. How can you cast votes when you may have not even been alive during their terms and experienced the times? Doesn’t seem scientific. They also did a head to head poll for Bush and Obama. 50/50. Does that surprise anyone?