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New Wisconsin Poll: Hillary Would Beat Paul Ryan, Scott Walker in Their Own Home State

PPP, 4/17-4/20

  • Clinton: 50, Ryan: 45
  • Clinton: 51, Walker: 44
  • Clinton: 50, Paul: 39
  • Clinton: 50, Bush: 39
  • Clinton: 49, Christie: 36
  • Clinton: 50, Huckabee: 38

A new PPP poll has found that Hillary Clinton has a strong lead over every potential 2016 Republican challenger in Wisconsin, and even leads Wisconsin’s own Scott Walker and Paul Ryan among voters.

According to the poll, conducted between April 17 and April 20, sampling 1,144 registered Wisconsin voters, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would defeat Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan by 5 percent if the election were held today. This is the first poll to look at a hypothetical Clinton-Ryan matchup in Wisconsin but last year Hillary led Mitt Romney’s former running mate by 4-8 percent as well.

In a hypothetical matchup against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the former First Lady would win by 7 percent. Last year, Clinton led Walker in every poll by as much as 13 percent.

Of course, the home field Republicans would still perform better than the rest of the pack.

Against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the former Secretary of State leads by 13 percent and led by a similar 10 percent last November, even when Christie was at the height of his popularity.

Against Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, the former New York Senator has a strong 11 point lead and led the Tea Party favorite in both polls that sampled this hypothetical matchup in Wisconsin last year.

Clinton also leads former Florida Governor Jeb Bush by 11 percent although the last PPP poll conducted back in September showed Hillary with just a 4 percent margin.

Clinton is also heavily favored against former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who trails the Democratic frontrunner by 12 percent.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)