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North Carolina Will Be Key Battleground State in 2016, New Poll Shows

PPP, 6/12-6/15
North Carolina

  • Clinton: 45, Bush: 44
  • Clinton: 46, Huckabee: 43
  • Clinton: 46, Paul: 43
  • Clinton: 45, Christie: 41

A new PPP poll has found that the 2016 presidential election in North Carolina is likely to be incredibly close, with most of the top potential Republican candidates moving in on Hillary Clinton and now in a virtual tie with the presumptive Democratic nominee.

The poll, conducted between June 12 and June 15, sampling 1,076 registered North Carolina voters, found that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush now trails Clinton by just 1 percent – in a poll with a 3 percent margin of error.

Clinton has now seen the same 45 percent against Bush in three straight North Carolina polls but Bush has gained a bit of ground, receiving 44 percent after seeing 42 percent back in May.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is just three points back of Clinton. The Fox News host has now seen 43 percent in North Carolina in three straight polls but Clinton has fallen from 49 percent early in the year to 46 percent.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is also within the margin of error, trailing Clinton 46-43. Paul has now seen 43-44 percent in every North Carolina poll conducted this year while Hillary has fallen off from 49 percent to 46 percent, the same case as with Huckabee.

Only New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is outside of the margin of error, trailing Clinton 45-41. Clinton has now seen 44-46 percent against Christie in every poll this year. Christie had led Clinton prior to his Bridgegate scandal but has fallen off from his peak of 46 percent to 41.

Clinton’s biggest problem appears to be among independent voters.

The former Secretary of State trails Bush by 10 percent among independents. She also trails Huckabee by nine, Paul by eight, and Christie by three.

(Photo By Mallory Benedict/PBS NewsHour)