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Paul Ryan May Have Best Shot to Defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016

McClatchy/Marist, 2/4-2/9

  • Clinton: 52, Ryan: 44
  • Clinton: 55, Huckabee: 41
  • Clinton: 56, Cruz: 39
  • Clinton: 58, Paul: 38
  • Clinton: 58, Bush: 38
  • Clinton: 58, Christie: 37
  • Clinton: 58, Rubio: 37

According to a new McClatchy/Marist poll, Hillary Clinton leads every Republican candidate by at least 14+ points – except Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.

The poll, conducted between February 4 and February 9, sampling 490 registered voters, found that 2012 Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan trails Clinton by 8 percent of the national vote, the smallest margin among any other Republican candidate.

Ryan wasn’t just the closest, he was the closest by a lot. Coming in behind him is rising Republican contender and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who trails Clinton by a margin of 55-41. A CNN poll conducted a week prior also shows Huck down to the former Secretary of State by a 17 point margin.

The only other candidate polling within 20 percent of Clinton is Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz trails the former First Lady by a margin of 56-39.

Every other Republican candidate is well behind Clinton in the polls. Kentucky Senator and Tea Party favorite Rand Paul trails Clinton by a margin of 58-38. The CNN poll showed Paul trailing by a similar 18 percent.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush also trails Hillary by a margin of 58-38. That’s almost exactly where he finished in the CNN poll, trailing the former New York Senator 57-37.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who appeared to have the best chance at defeating Clinton as recently as December, now trails the Democratic frontrunner by a margin of 58-37. In the CNN poll, he trailed Hillary by a 16 point margin and continues to slide.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who is showing some signs of life in Republican polling, also trails Clinton by a 58-37 margin. That’s right around what the CNN poll showed with Rubio trailing Clinton by 19 points.

Not only is Hillary Clinton a dominant favorite for the Democratic nomination, with Chris Christie down and out, she appears to be the overwhelming favorite to defeat any potential Republican foe.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)

  • teawithjill

    These polls are sick maybe I am just out of step but how can that witch beat everyone out by such wide margins it just does not make sense. What makes anyone think she would make a good president, At this point it should matter!!!!

    • Basedrum

      She’s smarter, more seasoned, and has better support than anyone else running. Additionally she’s not a crazy republican nutjob who thinks people should die if they don’t have health insurance (remember that question from the debates between Republican nominees last election?).

      • teawithjill

        You have defiantly drank the cool-aid which makes you hopeless. But, what difference does it make that four Americans are dead on her watch!!!!!!

        • Basedrum

          Ah yes, Faux GOP outrage when 13 embassy or consulate attacks under the previous GOP administration and yet you probably voted for him twice. 100’s died in those attacks. You conservatives sicken me with your hypocrisy. Just stop voting forever please.

          • disqus_59KZkHgegx

            Your check from the DNC is ready.

    • spacegasp

      It`s not real.

    • Biologyteacher100

      All the Republicans are terrible, making Hillary look good.

  • disqus_59KZkHgegx

    A failed Sec of State, a shrill & vindictive former FLOTUS & carpetbagger Senator.
    …and she polls ahead of all GOP candidates. For shame, America!