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Shock Poll: Bruce Rauner Takes 13-Point Lead Over Democratic Incumbent Pat Quinn in Illinois

Chicago Sun-Times/We Ask America, 8/6
Illinois Governor

  • Rauner (R): 51
  • Quinn (D): 38

It’s not a shock that Republican Bruce Rauner leads Illinois’ Democratic incumbent Governor Pat Quinn but up until now he has led by just 3-5 percent. A new Chicago Sun-Times/We Ask America poll, however, has found Rauner trouncing Quinn by 13 percent in the latest survey.

The poll, conducted on August 6, sampling 1,085 likely voters with a 3.1 margin of error, finds businessman Bruce Rauner leading Governor Pat Quinn by a margin of 51-38.

In July, a Rasmussen poll had Rauner up by 5 percent and a CBS News/New York Times poll had Rauner up by 3 percent.

Among the poll’s respondents, 11 percent of likely voters say they remain undecided.

“While Mr. Rauner continues to enjoy a 13-point lead, this race will certainly tighten dramatically barring any unforeseen events,” We Ask America COO Gregg Durham told The Sun-Times. “An incumbent governor in a state with the sizable problems Illinois has often suffers in early polls with those who would have a tendency to back his party but may be disappointed with his performance. However, those same voters usually ‘come home’ on election day. Keep that in mind.”

“I think Rauner’s claim to ‘shake up Springfield’ may be resonating with voters,” Durham added. “It’s been in his TV ads and a big part of his speeches. Plus, it’s hard for a public official who has been around as long as Gov. Quinn to wear the reform hat when he’s been part of the system for so long.”