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Shock Poll: Mary Burke Takes 4-Point Lead Over Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

WeAskAmerica, 9/3
Wisconsin Governor

  • Burke (D): 48
  • Walker (R): 44

Between last year and this July, incumbent Republican Governor Scott Walker had led every poll over Democratic challenger Mary Burke. Now, after a July Marquette University poll had Burke up by 1 point and an August poll had her leading by 2 points, a new WeAskAmerica poll shows Burke taking a 4-point lead over the incumbent governor.

The poll, conducted on September 3, sampling 1,170 likely voters with a margin of error of 3 percent, found Burke leading Walker by a margin of 48-44. Aside from the size of her leads, Burke has now seen a steady 47-49 percent of the vote in five straight polls.

Burke, a member of the Madison School Board, previously served as the state’s Secretary of Commerce under Walker’s predecessor, Jim Doyle.

A Harvard Business School graduate, Burke also previously worked as an executive at her father’s Trek Bicycle Corporation.

Meanwhile, Scott Walker is a governor whose tenure almost ended before it really started.

After being elected in 2010, Walker immediately introduced a controversial budget plan that essentially eliminated unions’ collective bargaining rights and cut over $1 billion from the state’s education budget and $500 million from the state’s Medicaid budget.

That sparked a campaign to recall Walker and the 46-year-old had to face off against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, whom he defeated two years prior, once again. Walker won the election with 53 percent of the vote to become the first governor to ever win a gubernatorial recall election.

Walker has been considered a potential candidate for the Republican presidential nomination but it appears that he’ll have his hands full just trying to hold on to his job two months from now.