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Two Polls Show Jack Kingston Pulling Away From David Perdue Ahead of Tuesday’s Georgia GOP Primary Runoff

Landmark Communications
Georgia GOP Primary Runoff

  • Kingston: 48
  • Perdue: 41

Insider Advantage/Fox 5

  • Kingston: 46
  • Perdue: 41

With Tuesday’s Georgia Republican primary runoff less than 24 hours away, two new polls show longtime Congressman Jack Kingston pulling away from former Dollar General CEO David Perdue.

A Landmark Communications poll, conducted on July 16, sampling 1,720 likely runoff voters, found Kingston leading Perdue by a margin of 48-41. The margin of error in the poll was 2.4 percent.

“I think it will be close but I do believe it will be Jack Kingston’s election,” Channel 2 political analyst Bill Crane said of the poll.

Another poll, conducted by Insider Advantage/Fox 5/Morris News, sampling 696 likely voters between July 15 and 16, found Kingston leading Perdue by a margin of 46-41. The poll had a margin of error of 3.7 percent.

“This survey indicated that Kingston has managed to retake momentum in the race with under a week to go,” Fox 5 political analyst Matt Towery said of the poll. “This is partly due to the fact that the Perdue camp and outside groups supporting him have not pursued the one issue that was damaging the Kingston effort, that being issues related to a campaign fundraiser for Kingston involving a foreign national with a criminal background and some of his employees.

“Perdue’s campaign and his supporters have instead emphasized their candidate’s ‘political outsider’ position as a candidate running against the ‘insider’ Kingston. While that theme has worked well with older voters, it has lost its magic having run long enough to pull in all the votes it can.”

Assuming Kingston does win the runoff, which is looking increasingly likely, he’ll have a tough battle against Democratic nominee Michelle Nunn.

According to a Landmark Communications poll sampling 750 likely Georgia general election voters, Nunn leads Kingston by a margin of 49-41.

That’s a big turnaround from April when Kingston led Nunn by a fraction, 37.7-37.

Regardless of who wins Tuesday’s runoff, Nunn has a big opportunity to turn Georgia blue.

(Image courtesy of US Department of Agriculture)