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Donald Trump Defeats Cruz in Two National Polls

Donald Trump has managed to edge out Ted Cruz for the top spot in the Republican Party. Trump scored two victories against Cruz in both a Fox News and Public Polling Policy poll.

Fox News

  • Donald Trump – 39%
  • Ted Cruz – 18%
  • Marco Rubio – 11%
  • Ben Carson – 9%


  • Donald Trump – 34%
  • Ted Cruz – 18%
  • Marco Rubio – 13%
  • Jeb Bush – 7%
  • Ben Carson – 6%

Trump seems unbeatable at this point. No matter how deep he dives into racism and how ridiculous he sounds in the process, he continues to remain at the top of the Republican Party. None of the other candidates have been able to legitimately challenge him.

Cruz is the only candidate that has a strong chance of toppling Trump because he too is willing to spew absolute lunacy in order to secure Republican votes. The Republican Party is currently a showdown between two far-right leaning individuals and it will continue to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Marco Rubio is the wildcard in this election cycle. He is far more moderate than both Trump and Cruz. While he has some strongly conservative stances on major issues, he tends to align closer to the center and to the classical idea of an educated, intellectual Republican.

As for Jeb Bush and Ben Carson, they should fold their campaigns and call it quits as soon as possible. They are perennial basement dwellers, and barring a major collapse by every other candidate, they have very little chance of getting elected.

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Clinton Maintains Dominance over Sanders

The latest national poll by Monmouth University has revealed that Hillary Clinton continues to maintain her dominant lead over Bernie Sanders.

Which Democratic candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 59%
  • Bernie Sanders – 26%
  • Martin O’Malley – 4%

Clinton is still the candidate to beat for the Democrats. At this point, it appears as if she will win the Democratic nomination and has the potential to face Donald Trump in a national election.

Clinton is the definition of a career poltician. Her platform isn’t interesting and she says exactly what voters want to hear in order to secure votes. She isn’t a genuine candidate and she doesn’t care about the plight of the average American.

Sanders on the other hand is a far left leaning quasi-socialist. His platform is genuine and he is interested in helping the average American, but his ideas may be too progressive and would likely cost the country too much.

With the Democrats, voters are limited to two distinct choices. The first being, a lazy centrist Clinton who will do the minimum and isn’t that much different than moderate Republicans, while the second option is a far left and progressive Sanders that may be too left leaning for the average voter.

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Clinton Beats Trump in a General Election Poll

Based on current polling trends, a general election would more than likely involve Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Trump is confident and continues to build his support, but according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post survey, he would fall short and struggle to beat Clinton in a general election.

Trump vs. Clinton

  • Hillary Clinton – 50%
  • Donald Trump – 44%

Clinton seems poised to win the Democratic ticket. She is a household name that has been a part of American political culture for nearly three decades. She has served the country in several capacities and has been pushing hard to become president, something that was stolen from her by President Barack Obama in the previous elections. To many, it is Clinton’s time and it seems as if she knows this as well.

Bernie Sanders is putting on a strong campaign, but he is struggling to topple Clinton in the standings.

On the other side of the aisle, Trump is the great enigma that has changed the way we look at politicians. He is rude, crass, bombastic, and the very definition of politically incorrect. Trump doesn’t care about what people think of him, he has billions, and his presidential campaign almost seems like a game designed to occupy his time. Throughout his campaign, he has made several racist comments towards Mexicans, blacks, Muslims, and women.

Where some candidates would crash and burn after making such comments, Trump has only grown stronger. His veil of bigotry is all he needs to ignore his criticisms and to push forward with an agenda of intolerance, hatred, and single-mindedness.

As it stands, Clinton seems to be the more favorable candidate in a head-to-head match up, but it remains unclear if these sentiments would change in a real election. The final result will heavily rely on how many bigots Trump can win over before the actual election takes place.

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NBC/WSJ: Clinton Trounces Sanders with a 20 Point Lead

Hillary Clinton is growing her lead against her Democratic presidential opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to the latest NBC/WSJ national poll.

Which Democratic candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 56%
  • Bernie Sanders – 37%
  • Martin O’Malley – 4%

Clinton’s lead is strong and many are questioning whether Sanders can overtake her to win the Democratic nomination. Clinton benefits from several things that Sanders doesn’t. She has the name recognition, a decent political record, she is manipulative and knows how to game the system, and she has strong political ties established through her relationship to her husband and through her own political work.

This is not to say that Sanders cannot make a comeback. Unlike Clinton, Sanders is a genuine candidate who cares about the average American citizen and he is deeply interested in breaking the dangerous cycle of greed and corruption that currently exists in mainstream American politics.

Luckily for the Democrats, both candidates should be able to challenge a potential Donald Trump GOP and they would both perform well again Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, so long as they stock to their platforms and avoid getting trapped in the political quagmire that Republicans like to employ.

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Clinton Cleans up Against the Republicans

The latest round of political polls by MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist have revealed that Hillary Clinton has managed to beat every single Republican candidate.

  • Donald Trump – 41%
  • Hillary Clinton – 52%
  • Hillary Clinton – 51%
  • Ted Cruz – 44%
  • Hillary Clinton – 48%
  • Marco Rubio – 45%
  • Hillary Clinton – 48%
  • Ben Carson – 47%
  • Hillary Clinton – 49%
  • Jeb Bush – 45%

This is the first poll in recent weeks where Clinton beat all of the Republican challengers. Typically, she would beat Donald Trump and lose to the other candidates. These results are a good sign for Clinton and it shows that her campaign is doing well and that she has a strong chance of defeating whatever candidate the Republicans throw at her.

Realistically, Clinton wants to face Trump or Ben Carson in an election. Trump and Carson, both extreme candidates, would get ridiculed by her in an eleciton cycle and she could easily expose them in a debate. On the other hand, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz would have a better chance of matching up against her in the eyes of voters. Both candidates are experienced Senators and have a stronger grasp on the nuisances required to be successful politicians.

As for Jeb Bush, his campaign is in a lot of trouble. While the polling margin was close, he will never escape the nomination process because he cannot convince voters that he is relevant.

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Trump Wins Top Spot in the National Republican Primary Averages

The latest trends from Huffpost Pollster have revealed that Donald Trump is still the leading candidate for the Republican Party, coming in at the top and maintaining the best average.

Candidate Averages:

  • Donald Trump – 35.8%
  • Ben Carson – 14.8%
  • Ted Cruz – 13.8%
  • Marco Rubio – 12.9%
  • Jeb Bush – 5.6%

Donald Trump’s polling average has remained strong for the last few months. While he slipped up for a little bit, he has managed to regain his form and has capitalized on the recent string of terrorism, using it to bolster his anti-immigration platform.

Ben Carson’s time in the spotlight is over. He was a popular choice for most of fall, but his weaknesses have been exposed and he doesn’t have anything of value to offer over Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Trump.

Rubio and Cruz are the two remaining candidates that are closest to the GOP establishment type of candidate that the party would like to elect. Trump is a wildcard for the GOP and they are fearful to head into 2016 with him in charge. In a general election, Trump could score a victory over Hillary Clinton, or he could lead the party to an immense embarrassment that sees them fall further into the fringes of America politics.

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Clinton Beats Trump, Cruz and Bush, Loses to Rubio and Carson

The latest CNN/ORC poll pitted Hillary Clinton against the major Republican candidates. She scored victories against Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Jeb Bush, but lost to Marco Rubio and Ben Carson.

Head-to-Head Polls

  • Hillary Clinton – 49%
  • Donald Trump – 46%
  • Hillary Clinton – 50%
  • Ted Cruz – 47%
  • Marco Rubio – 49%
  • Hillary Clinton – 48%
  • Ben Carson – 50%
  • Hillary Clinton – 47%
  • Hillary Clinton – 49%
  • Jeb Bush – 47%

Clinton performed well against two major candidates in Trump and Cruz. Trump is a wildcard candidate. As it stands, it is impossible to predict whether he will win the nomination or not. None the less, his style has been groundbreaking and he has shattered the political status quo that has existed for many years. Clinton’s defeat of Cruz is promising as he is a traditional GOP establishment candidate and an important one for Clinton to defeat.

Rubio outperformed Clinton, but not by a large margin. If things click and Rubio can get the support he requires, he could legitimately challenge Clinton in a presidential election. He is a moderate Republican that falls into the GOP establishment category. He is young, could appeal to youth, and is much more normal than candidates like Trump or Bush.

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Clinton Tops Sanders in Every Major Poll

The latest wave of charts on Huffpost Polster have revealed that Hillary Clinton is the candidate to beat for the Democrats. The only victory Bernie Sanders scored was by one percent in New Hampshire.


  • Hillary Clinton – 57%
  • Bernie Sanders – 32%


  • Hillary Clinton – 54%
  • Bernie Sanders – 38%

New Hampshire

  • Bernie Sanders – 43%
  • Hillary Clinton – 42%

South Carolina

  • Hillary Clinton – 73%
  • Bernie Sanders – 22%


  • Hillary Clinton – 57%
  • Bernie Sanders – 22%

Sanders continues to struggle to beat Clinton in states outside of his sphere of influence. If he wants to win an election against her, he will need to topple her in states where he isn’t a household name. This will require a lot of work from him, but he is capable of accomplishing it due to his genuine platform. If he can tap into voter angst and apathy towards Clinton, he may be able to siphon votes and increase his voter turnout in an election. Sanders is a far more attractive candidate than Clinton and he has a lot more to offer.

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Trump Regains the Lead in New Hampshire, Rubio Ties Carson

Donald Trump is back on top in New Hampshire. The latest poll by WBUR/MassINC placed Trump in the lead, while both Ben Carson and Marco Rubio tied for second.

Which Republican candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 23%
  • Marco Rubio – 13%
  • Ben Carson – 13%
  • Ted Cruz – 8%
  • John Kasich – 7%
  • Jeb Bush – 7%

Trump has taken advantage of the recent Paris terror attacks to boost his racist immigration agenda. He once proclaimed that he loved Muslims, but now he clearly hates them and wants to keep them out of the United States at all costs. This flip-flop of policy deserves notice and should serve as evidence that Trump will say anything at all to win votes and that isn’t honest about anything he says, besides his racism. His new policy is to keep Syrian refugees out of the United States ,and he is pushing for it using momentum generated by the Paris terror attacks.

Rubio and Carson tied for second in this poll. Carson polls well in certain states and struggles in others. His policies are firmly against immigration, but he is far more radical than Trump when it comes to religion and preserving religious rights.

Rubio continues to gain on Trump and Carson. He is a more moderate choice for the GOP and someone undecided voters would consider if they were choosing between the aforementioned two. Look for Rubio to gain in the polls as the nomination approaches.

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Clinton Holds Double Digit Lead over Sanders

Hillary Clinton continues to hold a double digit lead over Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination, according to the latest McClatchy/Marist poll.

Which Democratic candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 57%
  • Bernie Sanders – 35%

Clinton still holds a massive leader over Sanders, but he continues to hold on and maintain a strong presence in the polls. Clinton is by far the least popular candidate of the two, she has a history of lying, and many voters find her to be an non-genuine candidate that will say anything to get elected.

On the other hand, Sanders is far more likable, he is passionate about his platform and beliefs, and he doesn’t like to get involved in political drama. His goals are admirable and approachable and he understands how to galvanize young voters to his platform.

Saturday night’s debate will mark an important opportunity for Sanders to try and close the gap and to prove to voters that he is a better choice than Clinton.

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