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Only Mitt Romney Can Save the Republican Party in 2016

UNH/WMUR, 6/19-7/1
New Hampshire GOP (With Mitt Romney)
Romney: 39
Christie: 7
Paul: 7
Bush: 6
Jindal: 5
Huckabee: 4
Cruz: 3
Rubio: 2
Walker: 2
Santorum: 2
Perry: 1
Ryan: 1

Last week we mentioned that Chris Christie has re-taken the lead in the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primary race over Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. No doubt, the 2016 Republican nomination race will be one of the closest and most contested in recent memory – unless 2012 nominee Mitt Romney runs again.

According to a new UNH/WMUR poll, conducted between June 19 and July 1, sampling 251 likely Republican New Hampshire primary voters, Mitt Romney would lead the current GOP pack by a whopping 32 points if he decided to run once more.

While Chris Christie leads Kentucky Senator Rand Paul by a 5-point margin in the current standings, Mitt Romney would have a dominant first place lead with 39 percent of the vote in New Hampshire.

With Romney in the race, no other Republican candidate has double-digit support and the 2012 nominee would lead Christie and Paul, who are both at 7 percent, by more than 30 points.

The other candidates barely make a dent with Romney is the race.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush would fall to 6 percent, compared to his current 11.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal would be at 5 percent, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee would be at 4 percent, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz would be at 3 percent.

Meanwhile, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum are at just 2 percent.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, and Ohio Senator Rob Portman are at just 1 percent.

Clearly if Mitt Romney, who insists he doesn’t plan on running again, opts to throw his hat into the race, he would be the clear-cut favorite to clinch the Republican nomination for the second straight time. Your move, Mitt.

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Shock: Hillary Leads Republicans in Deep Red Louisiana, Dominates Governor Bobby Jindal

PPP, 6/26-6/29

  • Clinton: 48, Jindal: 44
  • Clinton: 46, Christie: 42
  • Clinton: 46, Cruz: 45
  • Clinton: 46, Paul: 46
  • Clinton: 45, Huckabee: 46
  • Clinton: 45, Bush: 46

Even as Hillary Clinton continues to come under fire for a rough book tour and launch, the presumptive Democratic nominee still leads many Republicans in deep red states like Louisiana and trails the rest by a point at most.

According to a new PPP poll, conducted between June 26 and June 29, sampling 664 registered Louisiana voters, Clinton leads the state’s governor Bobby Jindal by a huge 53-39 margin.

Back in February, the hypothetical race between the former First Lady and the Bayou State governor was much closer with Clinton leading Jindal by a margin of 47-44.

Of course, almost no one in Louisiana thinks Jindal should run for president with just 17 percent supporting his candidacy and 72 percent saying he should sit it out.

The other Republicans do considerably better but still look to have a difficult time winning a state that is usually guaranteed to fall in the red column.

Clinton leads New Jersey Governor Chris Christie by a margin of 46-42. Back in February, before Christie’s scandal-plagued year really began, the Jersey guv led the former Secretary of State with a 44-42 margin.

Against Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a rising star the neighboring Lone Star State, Clinton leads with a margin of 46-45.

Clinton is tied with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul with each potential candidate receiving 46 percent of the vote. In February, Paul led the former New York Senator with a 47-43 margin.

Clinton trails former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee though has cut her 5 percent deficit from February down to a 46-45 margin.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who led Clinton with a strong seven point margin in February, now only leads the presumptive Democratic nominee with a margin of 46-45.

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Mike Huckabee Breaks Open Big Lead in Louisiana Primary Race

PPP, 2/6-2/9
Louisiana GOP

  • Mike Huckabee: 20
  • Bobby Jindal: 13
  • Rand Paul: 10
  • Jeb Bush: 9
  • Chris Christie: 8
  • Paul Ryan: 8
  • Marco Rubio: 7
  • Scott Walker: 2
  • Undecided: 12

In 2008, Mike Huckabee won a number of southern states before ultimately losing the nomination race to John McCain and the former Arkansas Governor appears poised to make a strong stand in Dixie once again.

A new PPP poll, conducted between February 6 and February 9, sampling 309 Republican primary voters, has found that Huckabee leads the Louisiana primary race with 20 percent of the vote. Huckabee wasn’t included in the last PPP Louisiana poll, conducted all the way back in August, but is clearly the frontrunner by a sizeable margin.

While candidates like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Paul Ryan have seen a strong homefield advantage in their respective states, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is seeing just a tiny homefield bump, receiving 13 percent of the vote. That’s good enough for second place, and an improvement from his 10 percent back in August, but the Bayou State guv doesn’t stand much of a chance in the nomination race if he can’t even win his own state’s primary.

Ted Cruz, the Senator from neighboring Texas, finished third in the poll, receiving 12 percent of the vote. That’s a strong jump from the 8 percent he saw last year and has allowed him to leapfrog the likes of Rand Paul and Jeb Bush.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul finished right behind Cruz with 10 percent of the vote, a significant decline from the 18 percent he saw last summer.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush also fell off significantly, receiving just 9 percent of the vote after polling at 17 percent in the August poll.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was never a big hit in the south, having received 10 percent in the last poll, and has now fallen off to 8 percent following his string of scandals.

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan also fell off slightly, receiving 8 percent of the vote after seeing 11 percent last year. Florida Senator Marco Rubio finished right behind him with 7 percent and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker finished dead last with a mere 2 percent. Twelve percent of respondents said they remain undecided.

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Quinnipiac: Chris Christie Most Favorable Candidate From Either Party

Quinnipiac, 1/4-1/7
Thermometer Score

  • Christie: 55.5
  • Huckabe: 51
  • Warren: 50.7
  • Jindal: 49.6
  • Walker: 49.2
  • Clinton: 48.5
  • Rubio: 47.1
  • Paul: 47.1
  • Ryan: 46.7
  • Bush: 45.1
  • Cruz: 43.9
  • Biden: 43.7
  • Cuomo: 43
  • Santorum: 41
  • Schweitzer: 40.6

Quinnipiac’s first “Presidential Thermometer” poll of the year has found that Americans have a more favorable view of Chris Christie than any other potential presidential candidate in either party. The “thermometer” poll asks respondents to rate their feeling on candidates from 0 to 100.

The poll, conducted between January 4 and January 7, sampling 1,487 registered voters, found that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has the highest thermometer score of any candidate with an average of 55.5. That’s up from a mean score of 53 that Christie saw last summer when this poll was last conducted. It’s important to note, however, that the poll was conducted before Christie’s “Bridgegate” scandal which will certainly have a negative effect on his poll numbers in the immediate future.

Coming in second was former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee with an average score of 51. That’s not surprising as the 2008 presidential candidate has always seen high favorable ratings, even among Democrats.

Coming in third was Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren with an average score of 50.7, something of a surprise considering she trails Hillary Clinton by 50+ points in primary polling. Warren is a freshman Senator, however, and 46 percent of respondents said they don’t know enough about her to form an opinion.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal finished fourth with an average score of 49.6, up from 45.2 last summer. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker had a score of 49.2, much higher than the 41 he saw when the poll was last conducted in July.

Hillary Clinton did not fair well as she received a mean score of 48.5, considerably down from 52.1 last summer. Worse, among independents, she registered just a 46.8. By comparison, Christie received a 56.7 mean score among independents.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio finished behind Hillary with a score of 47.1. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul also received a 47.1. Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan scored a 46.7, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush scored a 45.1, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz registered a mean score of 43.9.

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)