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The Do Nothing Congress Achieves an 83% Disapproval Rating

Gallup, 8/7-8/10

Congressional Job Approval

  • 13% approve of the current Congress.
  • 83% disapprove of the current Congress.

The most recent Gallup poll revealed how unpopular the current Congress is. 13% of voters approve of the job that the current Congress is doing while 83% disapprove. The margin of error for the poll was 4%.

Heading into midterm elections, the approval ratings will continue to dwindle as voters continue to grow tired of the empty promises and the lack of results that has been achieved under the current Congress. The current values are the lowest it has ever been near a midterm election. Prior to this, the lowest number achieved was 16% in March 2010. Under George Bush in 2002, 50% of voters approved of Congress, in 1998 under Bill Clinton, 44% and 23% in 1994. The current numbers are staggeringly low and it is not surprising.

In comparison, a poll conducted by The Economist and You Gov between 8/2 and 8/4 yielded an approval rating of 8%, a CBS News poll a few weeks before that revealed an approval rating of 15%, and so on. The numbers continue to drop.

With a complete deadlock in Congress which hit a high point during the government furlough, voters are frustrated and feel betrayed. Partisan politics has infected Congress like never before and both sides continue to bicker at each other and play the blame game while the American population continues to suffer with a lack of reform and proper policy.

Will Congress redeem itself in the eyes of the public? Not likely. So long as partisan politics controls Congress, there will be little change in the numbers. If neither party is willing to work together to achieve common ground, Congress will continue to be a lost cause.

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U.S. Congress Approval Ratings Continue to Plummet

Data from the most recent Economist / YouGov Poll has revealed, to no one’s surprise, that the current U.S. Congress is incredibly unpopular. The current approval rating, as of June 21-23rd, is a lowly 9 percent. These are historically low numbers and it is a major cause for concern. cumulus_uploads document fri9t21whe trackingreport.pdf

Analyzing the data, you can see that the approval rating continued its steady downward spiral through the spring and into the summer. As of April 12-14, the approval rating was 12 percent. While a drop from 12 percent to 9 percent may seem small, it suggests that there are no signs of improvement. Generally, with such a low approval rating, it would be safe to assume that the ratings could only get better, but the current Congress has found a way to defy reality.

What does the data suggest? First off, this is likely the most ineffective Congress in the history of the United States. In addition, this congress exemplifies the flaws in our political system. It is petty, partisan, childish, ineffective, and incapable. There is no longer any accountability in politics and these ratings demonstrate just that. Regardless of ratings, people will vote come election time and this sad cycle will continue to repeat without any consequences.

Will the ratings increase? Possibly, but only with the election of a new President. President Barack Obama’s ratings are doomed as the current Republicans will go to great lengths to block Democratic legislation in an effort to spite Obama and the Democrats can only save face with the election of a new President, who will have the chance to do things as they see fit and to potentially forge a new relationship with Congressional Republicans.

No matter how you look at it, polls across the board are demonstrating the inability of this Congress to agree on anything of substance and it doesn’t look like this trend will change anytime soon.

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