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Majority of Americans Believe That Incumbents Shouldn’t Be Reelected

Rasmussen Reports, 25/9 – 26/9

U.S. Congress Ratings

  • Excellent – 2%
  • Good – 6%
  • Fair – 25%
  • Poor – 62%
  • Undecided – 4%

A new poll by Rasmussen Reports has confirmed how unpopular the current U.S. Congress is. The poll asked 1,000 likely voters about their opinions of the current Congress. An overwhelming majority expressed their dissatisfaction with Congress, a statistic that is not surprising. The votes revealed that 2 percent believe Congress is excellent, 6 percent say that it is good, 25 percent say that it is fair, 62 percent say that it is poor, and 4 percent were undecided.

In terms of representatives, 41 percent of voters believed that their individual representatives were the wrong person for the job, 29 percent said that they were the right candidate, and 36 percent were undecided. On top of that, 41 percent of the voters didn’t want to see their local representative reelected, while 29 percent did.

The poll also demonstrated the lack of trust that voters have for their representatives. 66 percent of the voters believe that their representatives pay little attention to their concerns, while 18 percent believe that they do care.

Overall, these numbers are not surprising considering how unpopular the current U.S. Congress is. They have accomplished very little and the petty squabbles between the two parties continue to intensify as both sides engage in the flawed system of partisan politics. With midterm elections only one month away, it will be interesting to see who is reelected. Will the upcoming election maintain an average voter turnout or has the current Congress created such a distrust that people would rather stay away from voting all together out of fear of electing another senseless and useless politician?

Photo credit: Hawaii Reporter.