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Rating the Government: Wrong Direction and Not Liked

The latest poll’s by Gallup and The Economist / YouGov have revealed that the majority of American voters disapprove of President Obama, disapprove of Congress, and believe the country is on the wrong track.

Obama’s Approval Ratings (Gallup):

  • Approve- 46%
  • Disapprove – 49%

Obama’s Approval Ratings (The Economist):

  • Approve – 44%
  • Disapprove – 53%

Congressional Approval Ratings (The Economist):

  • Approve – 9%
  • Disapprove – 69%

Direction of Country (The Economist):

  • Right Direction – 27%
  • Wrong Track – 65%

Overall, the latest approval ratings for the government are dismal and highlight the flaws in the political system. Congress achieved a nine percent approval rating, a number that is worrisome and likely influenced by Republicans inability to accomplish anything and the current House Speaker drama.

In terms of Obama’s ratings, they are pretty average based on his ratings throughout his presidency and are not a cause for concern. He has been an unpopular president due to his early promises of change that he was unable to follow through on due to a stubborn Congress.

The majority of Americans do not believe in the current elected officials, which translates to their policies. Most see our foreign policy in the Middle East as a disaster and our loss of credibility to the Russians. In addition, the Iran Deal was seen as a failure by most Americans who do not understand its purpose. With such a low confidence in the American government, it becomes easy to see why presidential and congressional approval ratings are so low.

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Majority of Americans Believe Partisan Politics Divide the Country

A recent poll by Rasmussen Reports has revealed that the majority of Americans believe that President Barack Obama and the current Congress frequently disagree due to partisan politics and the party divide.

President Obama and Republicans in Congress oppose each other on most major issues facing the nation. This opposition is due mostly to:

  • Fundamental differences of opinion – 22%
  • Partisan politics – 70%
  • Not sure – 8%

It has been a longstanding tradition for the two major parties to disagree with each other on every major issue. The current political climate punishes candidates who back an idea that wasn’t proposed by their party. Politicians are always worried about giving a point to their opposition or to lose face and look like they are getting soft towards traditional liberalism or conservatism. This is a major flaw and something that needs to be fixed. Sadly, it never will be fixed as it would require a complete overhaul of the current political system.


  • Male 50%, Female 50%
  • 18-39 (31%), 40-64 (51%), 65+ (18%)
  • White 73%, Black 12%, Other 15%
  • Republican 31%, Democrat 35%, Other 34%

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Majority of Americans Believe Obama and Congress Should Cooperate

A recent poll by Rasmussen Reports has revealed that a large portion on Americans believe that President Barack Obama and the United States Congress should work together for the better of the country.

1,000 likely U.S. voters were asked their opinions about the relationship between the president and Congress.

Which is more important?

  • For each body to stand for their beliefs – 16%
  • For the two bodies to work together – 79%
  • Undecided – 5%

Not surprisingly, the majority of Americans want the two major political forces in the country to work together. Obama and Congress have been longtime enemies. Congress has worked tirelessly to undermine Obama’s authority (think John Boehner), while Obama has also used his presidential authority to block Congress from passing certain bills. Partisan politics are a fact of life in the United States. The country is heavily divided on party lines and average Americans are forced to choose between two parties that fail to look out for them.

The Demographics:

  • Male – 49%
  • Female – 51%
  • 18-39 – 30%
  • 40-64 – 52%
  • 65+ – 18%
  • White – 73%
  • Black – 12%
  • Other – 15%
  • Republican – 31%
  • Democrat – 35%
  • Other – 34%

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Breaking down the Effectiveness and Morality of Congress

A recent poll by Rasmussen Reports has revealed that the majority of Americans do not believe in Congress and the morality of the system.

The poll asked 1,000 likely U.S. voters what they thought about Congress. 48 percent of voters were male and 52 percent were male. In terms of age, 29 percent of voters were 18-39, 53 percent were 40-64, and 18 percent were over 65. 73 percent of voters were white, 12 percent were black, and 15 percent identified as a different race. Lastly, 31 percent were Republican, 35 percent were Democrat, and 34 percent identified with a different party.

  • How do you rate the way that Congress is doing its job?
    • Excellent – 3%
    • Good – 10%
    • Fair – 29%
    • Poor – 56%
    • Not sure – 2%
  • Members of congress get reelected because:
    • Doing a good job – 14%
    • Rigged – 65%
    • Not sure – 22%
  • Are members of Congress willing to sell their votes?
    • Yes – 59%
    • No – 16%
    • Not sure – 25%
  • Do you believe your member of Congress has sold their vote?
    • Very Likely – 26%
    • Somewhat likely – 30%
    • Not very likely – 23%
    • Not at all likely – 5%
    • Not sure – 16%
  • How do you rank the member of Congress from your district?
    • More liberal – 28%
    • More conservative – 29%
    • Same as you – 31%
    • Not sure – 12%

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Majority of Americans Believe Elections Are Unfair

Rasmussen Reports, 10/13 – 10/14

Fairness of US Elections

  • Fair – 40%
  • Unfair – 42%
  • Undecided – 18%

Rasmussen Reports decided to take a look at how the average American felt about elections and whether or not they believed that they are fair. 1,000 likely voters were asked to participate in this poll. Not surprisingly, most voters believe that the American election system is unfair. In fact, 42 percent shared that sentiment, 40 percent believed that they are fair, and 18 percent were undecided.

Additionally, voters have low confidence in the election system and feel that Congressmen often get reelected due to corruption of the system. 13 percent stated that Congressman are fairly reelected because they serve the people who vote for them, 62 percent stated that the system is rigged and that they are unfairly reelected, and 25 percent were undecided.

When asked whether or not a group of randomly selected people could run the country better than the current elected officials, 42 percent believed that they could, 37 percent did not, and 21 percent were undecided.

Voters were also asked if they believed that the current federal government had the consent of the majority of Americans. 20 percent claimed that they do, 63 percent that they do not, and 18 percent were undecided.

Finally, voters were asked about who Congressmen listen to the most. 8 percent believed that they listen to voters, 81 percent their party leaders, and 11 percent were undecided.

The results of this poll are not surprising as most Americans have low confidence in government due to partisan politics and the current status of Congress. The age of political activism on a grassroots level is over. Instead, politics is about money, and the average American doesn’t possess the wealth to keep up with the big business game of modern politics.

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U.S. Congress Approval Ratings Continue to Plummet

Data from the most recent Economist / YouGov Poll has revealed, to no one’s surprise, that the current U.S. Congress is incredibly unpopular. The current approval rating, as of June 21-23rd, is a lowly 9 percent. These are historically low numbers and it is a major cause for concern. cumulus_uploads document fri9t21whe trackingreport.pdf

Analyzing the data, you can see that the approval rating continued its steady downward spiral through the spring and into the summer. As of April 12-14, the approval rating was 12 percent. While a drop from 12 percent to 9 percent may seem small, it suggests that there are no signs of improvement. Generally, with such a low approval rating, it would be safe to assume that the ratings could only get better, but the current Congress has found a way to defy reality.

What does the data suggest? First off, this is likely the most ineffective Congress in the history of the United States. In addition, this congress exemplifies the flaws in our political system. It is petty, partisan, childish, ineffective, and incapable. There is no longer any accountability in politics and these ratings demonstrate just that. Regardless of ratings, people will vote come election time and this sad cycle will continue to repeat without any consequences.

Will the ratings increase? Possibly, but only with the election of a new President. President Barack Obama’s ratings are doomed as the current Republicans will go to great lengths to block Democratic legislation in an effort to spite Obama and the Democrats can only save face with the election of a new President, who will have the chance to do things as they see fit and to potentially forge a new relationship with Congressional Republicans.

No matter how you look at it, polls across the board are demonstrating the inability of this Congress to agree on anything of substance and it doesn’t look like this trend will change anytime soon.

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