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Grading Obama: Average Approval, Country on Wrong Track

The latest round of approval and opinion polls for President Barack Obama have revealed that the majority of Americans disapprove of him and believe that he has put the country in the wrong direction.

Gallup Approval

  • Approve – 44%
  • Disapprove – 51%

Rasmussen Reports Approval

  • Approval – 47%
  • Disapprove – 52%

Reuters/Ipsos Approval

  • Approve – 42%
  • Disapprove – 53%

Reuters/Ipsos Direction

  • Right Direction- 24%
  • Wrong Direction – 64%

The results for this poll were pretty typical. Obama is in his last year of public office and he doesn’t have much to gain at this point. He will try to pass exit policies, but for the most part, his public opinion is meaningless at this point as he cannot serve a third term and Obama is finished with politics when he leaves office.

The numbers are on par with Obama’s averages. For the better part of the last year, Obama has managed to keep a consistent approval rating of low to mid 40. The results vary based on which company the poll was conduced by, but they have been fairly consistent over this period.

In terms of the direction of the country, most Americans have low confidence in Obama and his ability to deal with ISIS. This fear is misplaced and the result of continuous attacks by Republicans who paint the president as incompetent. In reality, Obama has handled the situation in the Middle East to the best of his ability and he has had to work with a combative Congress through every step of the process.

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Majority of Americans Believe the U.S. Is Heading in the Wrong Direction

Today is Independence Day and with it the United States celebrates its freedom and overall commitment to democracy. A recent poll by The Economist and YouGov has revealed that the majority of American citizens do not believe in the president, Congress, and the overall direction of the country.

The poll was conducted between June 27 and 29 and asked 1,000 American citizens over the age of 18 several questions. The margin of error was 4 percent.

Obama Approval:

  • Disapprove – 49%
  • Approve – 48%

Congress Approval:

  • Disapprove – 58%
  • Approve – 13%

Direction of Country:

  • Wrong – 60%
  • Right – 32%


President Barack Obama’s approval ratings continue to remain stagnant. This is a normal trend that Obama hasn’t been able to break for most of his presidency. These numbers will not change as he rides out his final term and the most Obama can do at this point is pick a nominee for the Democrats and encourage voters to side with them.

In terms of Congress, their approval ratings continue to remain low as the majority of Americans have become fed up with a political system which is so divided on party lines and petty politics. In most cases, Congress isn’t interested in passing meaningful legislation, but instead, they seek to score victories purely on party lines at the expense of American voters. Today’s Congress is best labeled as wasteful and unproductive.

It is not surprising that the majority of voters are angry with the direction of the country. The United States lacks both a clear foreign policy and has no domestic policy to speak of. It is impossible for the country to head in the right direction if there is no direction for the country to head in, and the politicians leading this country are clearly to blame for that. While Obamacare still exists, it is not enough and needs to develop into a system similar to Canada or Britain, Republican leadership are content committing the U.S. to another armed conflict, and big business continues to dominate the American landscape.

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