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Illinois Governor: Votes Favor Quinn, but Voters Prefer Rauner’s Business Background

Sun Times, 10/8

Illinois Governor

  • Pat Quinn – Democrat – 44.5%
  • Bruce Rauner – Republican – 41%

The Sun Times newest poll has added to the drama that has become the Illinois Governor race. The election is dead-even despite the Democrat Pat Quinn’s lead over his Republican challenger Bruce Rauner. Quinn netted 44.5 percent of the vote, to Rauner’s 41 percent. However, these numbers were well within the polls 3 percent margin of error.

In the previous month, Quinn was up by 3 points in a CBS News poll, and 2 points in a Rasmussen Reports poll. He has been consistent in the polls, but voters have revealed that they trust Rauner more.

When asked who they would trust more to deal with reform, 37.38 percent chose Rauner and only 26.12 percent Quinn. This is odd considering the Republicans are not usually known as reformers.

41.65 percent of voters also preferred Rauner’s business background to the 24.11 percent that chose Quinn’s political background. 25.7 percent believed that both backgrounds are in important, and 8.53 percent believed that neither background is important.

Voters are interested in both candidates, so much so, that 63.85 percent of them claimed that they will watch the debate.

The two candidates have resulted to dirty tactics throughout the election. Quinn has attacked Rauner’s business background which has included bankruptcies, lawsuits, and criminal investigations, while Rauner has called Quinn a career politician who is too-cozy, has ties to heavy power brokers, and who is corrupt.

“This is about what kind of values and leadership will be in the Governor’s Office for the next four years — will the people of Illinois have a champion who makes the tough decisions and fights for the middle class like Gov. Quinn does? Or will they have someone like billionaire Bruce Rauner who fights for himself and his wealthy friends at the expense of everyone else? People have a very clear choice to make,” said Brooke Anderson a spokeswoman for Quinn.

“We’ve always expected the polls to bounce back and forth, but it’s clear voters are ready for a clean break from twelve years of failure under Rod Blagojevich and Pat Quinn,” said Mike Schrimpf, a Rauner spokesman.

Photo credit: Gapers Block

2014 Massachusetts Governor: Baker Officially Takes the Lead after Trailing for Months

Boston Globe, 9/28 – 9/30

2014 Massachusetts Governor

  • Charlie Baker – Republican – 39%
  • Martha Coakley – Democrat – 36%

The Boston Globe has released a new poll for the 2014 Massachusetts governor race. If you are voting for the Democrat Martha Coakley, you may be disappointed with the results. Her Republican opponent, Charlie Baker, has closed a massive double digit gap over the last few months and has now taken the lead in most polls. Currently, Baker has 39 percent of the votes, while Coakley has only 36 percent.

In May, Coakley was +9, in June she was +13, and in July she was +15. After July, her ratings began to fall. At this point, Baker capitalized on his opponent’s downswing and began to rise.

44 percent of the voters see Baker as a favorable candidate, while 48 percent say the same about Coakley. 16 percent of voters have never heard of Baker and for Coakley the number is only 2 percent.

Massachusetts is a blue state. However, historically, they have favored Republican governors, who are expected to act as a system of checks and balances against the liberal machine. The state has voted in 31 Republican governors to the Democrat’s 19. Before the Democrat Governor Deval Patrick was elected, the previous four governors were all Republican.

Why has Coakley fallen so far in the polls? As attorney general, she has worked on many cases that have involved child abuse. Supporters of Baker have created a set of attack ads that have criticized Coakley for being too soft and for not doing enough, a fact which is untrue, and one that has upset Coakley and made her look overly defensive.

As of now, it looks as if the gubernatorial race in Massachusetts will be won by the Republicans.

Photo credit: WBUR.