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2014 Governor Polls Update: Michigan, Massachusetts, Georgia, Hawaii Races Deadlocked

Michigan: WeAskAmerica

  • Snyder (R): 43
  • Schauer (D): 43

Georgia: Rasmussen

  • Deal (R): 45
  • Carter (D): 44

Massachusetts: Rasmussen

  • Coakley (D): 42
  • Baker (R): 42

Hawaii: Rasmussen

  • Ige (D): 40
  • Aiona (R): 39
  • Hannemann (I): 14

Some of the tightest races in the country are tightening up even more with the November gubernatorial elections quickly approaching and at least four states are far too close to call any candidate a favorite. Let’s take a look at the latest polls.

In Michigan, WeAskAmerica has just released a new poll sampling 1,182 likely voters and found the race between Republican incumbent Rick Snyder and Democratic challenger Mark Schauer a 43-43 tie. This is no surprise since most polls since July have had either Snyder or Schauer up by just 2 points, though Snyder is probably a slight favorite to eke out a re-election win at this point.

In Georgia, Republican incumbent Nathan Deal has now led Democratic challenger Jason Carter by just 1 percent in three of the last five polls and Carter even led one by 3 percent. The one that Carter led seems like an aberration since every other poll since the last week of August has Deal in a slight lead but Carter certainly has a chance to unseat the GOPer if he can get the voter turnout on Election Day.

Like Michigan, a new Rasmussen poll shows the gubernatorial race in Massachusetts between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Charlie Baker as a 42-42 tie. A few weeks ago this would have been shocking, not just because Massachusetts is a deep blue state, but also because Coakley led most of the early polling by double-digits. A recent Boston Globe poll had Coakley up by just 3 and a WBUR/MassINC poll has her up by just 5. Coakley is still a slight favorite but the race is suddenly trending Baker’s way.

Hawaii has a three-way race that Democrat David Ige leads by a slight margin. Three recent polls have Ige up by just 1-4 points over Republican Duke Aiona while independent candidate Mufi Hannemann is picking up around 8-14 percent of the vote. Expect Hawaii to stay in the blue, however.