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Trump and Clinton Lead Iowa at the 11th Hour

The Iowa caucuses take place on Monday and the latest polls by the Des Moines Register/Bloomberg have placed Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at the top of their respective parties heading into this tight race.

Which Republican candidate would you vote for?

  • Donald Trump – 28%
  • Ted Cruz – 23%
  • Marco Rubio – 15%
  • Ben Carson – 10%

Which Democratic candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 45%
  • Bernie Sanders – 42%

Trump remains the leader of the Republican Party heading into Iowa. Many experts questioned his decision to boycott the final debate, but in reality, he gained a lot from doing so. By missing the final debate, he ensured that his opponents would fight amongst each other, mention him occasionally, and it saved him from making a fool of himself with his lackluster answers on tough policy questions.

Ted Cruz performed well enough during the debate, but he has made himself look petty in the last few weeks as he has went on an all-out offensive against Trump, attacking him for his “New York values.” Most of the establishment GOP have backed Trump, even if they think he is a bad candidate, because they detest Cruz and do not want to see him become the Republican nominee.

Clinton still holds a lead over Bernie Sanders in the polls, but it is an extremely slight one and no one has any idea which candidate will win Iowa. Clinton is running on name recognition, but the latest news surrounding her email scandal could hurt her chances as it is clear that she broke the law.

Sanders is poised to take Iowa if he can capitalize on the grassroots movement he has created and if he can encourage his supporters to come out and vote. There is no doubt that Sanders has struck a chord with frustrated Americans and he has captivated the hearts and minds of America’s youth.

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Sanders Beats Clinton by 1 Point in Iowa

The latest Iowa poll by CBS News/YouGov has placed Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton, but by the slightest lead possible, 1 percent.

Which Democratic candidate would you vote for?

  • Bernie Sanders – 47%
  • Hillary Clinton – 46%

The Democratic race is an intense one and it is no longer a guaranteed Clinton victory. In the past, Clinton held such a substantial lead that experts had already determined that she would win the Democratic nomination.

However, no one properly predicted the rise of Sanders and his grassroots movement. Sanders has been capturing the hearts and minds of voters, displaying virtues of a modern liberal that is in touch with the needs of Americans. This has resulted in increased support and a brutal primary that is impossible to predict.

If Sanders can win in Iowa, he will generate enough momentum to secure a victory in New Hampshire. By that point, he will legitimize his candidacy and start to attract votes based on his success. If this perfect world scenario takes place, he may be able to win South Carolina, a state that many believe will be a huge challenge for him to win.

By no means is Clinton finished, but her current campaign strategy is overly aggressive and makes her look petty. She is constantly attacking Sanders, calling out his policies as being bad for Americans, when in reality, they are the best thing this country has going for it at the moment.

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Cruz Edges out Trump in Iowa Ahead of the Caucuses

With the Iowa caucuses fast approaching, Ted Cruz has managed to narrowly defeat his opponent Donald Trump in the latest DM Register/Bloomberg poll.

Which Republican candidate would you vote for?

  • Ted Cruz – 25%
  • Donald Trump – 22%
  • Marco Rubio – 12%
  • Ben Carson – 11%

It is hard to predict who will win the Republican nomination. Trump is the longtime favorite, winning the most polls, and often generating the most support through his rallies.

Cruz continues to remain relevant and managed to defeat Trump in this poll. He isn’t as flashy as Trump, and while Cruz says crazy things, he doesn’t reach Trump’s level of craziness. Still, for most voters, he is a safe choice for the far right Republican movement and he still goes against the classical establishment style of Republican that candidates like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush represent.

Rubio and Ben Carson are still barely holding on. Carson hasn’t been relevant in over two months, but he refuses to cave in. For both Rubio and Carson, the survival of their campaigns will rely on the collapse of either Trump or Cruz, but that seems unlikely as Trump has already pushed the envelope so far that a potential collapse seems impossible at this point.

As for Jeb Bush, who we chose not to represent in this poll due to his lowly 4 percent of the vote, he is hanging on the fringes of public opinion and hoping to catapult up the rankings when the other candidates start to sputter out. Unfortunately for Bush, his stances on major issues are nothing groundbreaking and most voters are looking for a radical change in ideology, something that both Trump and Cruz represent in their commitment to ending the status quo.

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Post Benghazi Iowa Poll: Clinton Gains, Carson Maintains Lead Over Trump

The latest polls by DMR/Bloomberg and Quinnipiac showcased the various candidates and how they performed in Iowa. Ben Carson managed to defeat Donald Trump again, while Hillary Clinton increased her lead over Bernie Sanders.

Which Democratic candidate would you vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton – 51%
  • Bernie Sanders – 40%

Which Republican candidate would you vote for?

  • Ben Carson – 28%
  • Donald Trump – 19%
  • Ted Cruz – 10%
  • Marco Rubio – 9%

Clinton had a strong performance at the recent Benghazi hearing which resulted in a stronger lead over Sanders. In a previous Iowa poll the day before, she scored 48 percent of the vote. Sanders is still a legitimate candidate, but he is struggling to topple Clinton as her campaign continues to generate momentum. Another advantage that she has over Sanders is her strong name recognition. Despite Clinton’s unpopularity, die hard Democrats will vote for her solely because she is the Democratic candidate.

Carson managed to defeat Trump once again. The results were fairly similar to the Iowa poll that was released the day before. Still, it seems unlikely that Carson could actually win the Republican nomination. His platform is far too radical and focuses on the fringe of the GOP, while Trump’s campaign is more focused on catering to moderate Republicans and some fringe voters through Trump’s abrasive personality.

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