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New Poll: Moderates Abandon Republicans for Hillary in Droves

PPP, 5/30-6/1
Pennsylvania Moderate Voters

  • Clinton: 59, Christie: 29
  • Clinton: 57, Bush: 29
  • Clinton: 61, Paul: 25
  • Clinton: 62, Huckabee: 26
  • Clinton: 64, Cruz: 21

With the Republican Party growing more and more conservative, especially during the primaries when candidates have to appeal to their party base, moderates are abandoning Republicans in huge numbers and throwing their support toward presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

According to a new PPP Pennsylvania poll, Hillary Clinton owns dominant margins among moderate voters over every Republican candidate.

Even against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, dubbed the moderate of the race, Clinton leads by a margin of 59-29 among Pennsylvania’s moderate voters despite only leading Christie by a 49-39 margin in the overall poll.

The other candidates fare even worse.

Against another moderate Republican, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Clinton leads by a margin of 57-29 among moderate voters.

Against conservative favorite and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Clinton leads by a strong 61-25 margin.

Against former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Clinton leads by a 62-26 margin among moderates.

She absolutely trounces Tea Party-favorite Ted Cruz with a 64-21 percent split among moderate voters.

Of course, thanks to the help of the moderate vote, Clinton has a strong overall lead on every Republican in the poll.

Clinton leads Christie by 10 percent, Bush by a 51-37 margin, Paul by a 52-38 margin, Huckabee by a 52-37 margin, and Cruz by a big 53-34 margin.

What will be interesting to see going forward is if Republicans can manage to alienate more moderate and independent voters once the primaries heat up.

Typically, primary season is spent moving to the right to appeal to the conservative base before moving to the middle in the general election campaign to appeal to as many voters as possible. The farther right the party goes, the harder it will be to move back to the middle and recapture moderate voters come November 2016. It’s already looking like an uphill battle before campaigning has even begun.

(Image courtesy of Josh Harrison)