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Majority of Americans Believe the U.S. Is Heading in the Wrong Direction

Rasmussen Reports, 15/9 – 21/9

Direction of the Country

  • Right Direction – 25%
  • Wrong Direction – 65%
  • Undecided – 10%

Not surprisingly, most Americans do not believe in the current direction of the country. A newly released Rasmussen Reports poll asked 3,500 likely U.S. voters several questions related to the direction of the country, their views on Barack Obama, a generic Congressional ballot, and what issues they felt were most important. The results demonstrated that 65 percent of the voters believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, 25 percent say it is heading in the right direction, and 10 percent were undecided. The margin of error for this poll was 2 percent.

The demographics for the poll were as follows: 49 percent of the voters were male, and 51 percent were female, 30 percent were aged 18-39, 52 percent were 40-64, and 18 percent were over the age of 65, 76 percent were white, 10 percent were black, and 14 percent were a different ethnicity, and 31 percent identified as Republican, 35 percent as Democrat, and 34 percent identified with a different party.

Obama’s approval was slightly better than his average amongst other polls. 46 percent of the voters approve of Obama, while 53 percent disapproved of him. If a generic congressional ballot were to take place, both parties would receive 40 percent of the votes. These results show how split the country is and how much distrust voters have for the political establishment. Both parties are viewed as ineffective.

36 percent of the voters believe that the economy is the most important issue, 21 percent say national security, 17 percent say domestic issues, 11 percent say fiscal issues, 6 percent say cultural issues, and 9 percent were unsure. Yet, the major focus of the government is the situation in the Middle East. Average Americans are fed up of policing the world and are more interested in rebuilding the economy within the country itself.

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