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Georgia Elections: The Latest on the Georgia Senate and Georgia Governor

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 10/16 – 10/24

Georgia Senate / Georgia Governor

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has released a new poll revealing the results for both the Georgia Senate and Georgia Governor elections.

Georgia Governor:

  • Nathan Deal – Republican – 46%
  • Jason Carter – Democrat – 41%
  • Andrew Hunt – Libertarian – 5%


Deal has led the Georgia governor race more often than his opponent Carter. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll has him at a +5, but a similar poll conducted by CNN earlier this week has Carter at a +2.

Deal held the lead in September numerous times, trading with Carter in the odd poll. In early September, Deal was a +1 in several polls, by the middle of the month, Insider Advantage rated him at a +4, and at the end of the month, Rasmussen Reports had him at +6.

Georgia Senate:

  • David Perdue – Republican – 44%
  • Michelle Nunn – Democrat – 42%
  • Amanda Swafford – Libertarian – 6%


Data for both polls was gathered by Abt SRBI of New York. 1,170 Georgians were asked who they would vote for in both the Georgia Senate and Georgia Governor elections. The margin of error was calculated at 3.6 percent.

For most of October, the majority of the Georgian Senate polls favored Nunn. Survey USA had her at a +2, WRBL at a +1, Insider Advantage at a +2, and a CNN poll had her at a +3.

In September, Purdue had a commanding lead. An Insider Advantage poll pegged him at a +10, Rasmussen Reports at a +5, and various other polls had him in the lead.

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Georgia Governor Update: Republican Deal Gains the Lead

Rasmussen Reports, 9/30 – 10/1

Georgia Governor

  • Nathan Deal – Republican – 49%
  • Jason Carter – Democrat – 43%
  • Other – 2%
  • Undecided – 6%

A new update has arrived for the Georgia governor election. Rasmussen Reports conducted a poll at the end of September. The Republican Nathan Deal has pulled ahead with 49 percent of the votes, while his Democratic challenger Jason Carter only received 43 percent.

In the previous poll, Deal and Carter were nearly tied with 45 percent and 44 percent of the vote. The stalemate appears to be broken and Georgia appears as if it will end up in the hands of the Republicans.

53 percent of the voters see Deal as a favorable candidate, while 44 percent feel the same way about Carter. Deal also beat Carter out when it comes to name recognition. 2 percent of the voters have never heard of Deal, while 9 percent say the same about Carter. 51 percent of the voters approve of Deal.

43 percent of the voters trust Deal more when it comes to government spending and only 33 percent trust Carter. The same statistics appeared over the issue of taxation, both candidates split with 38 percent of the vote on social issues, and Carter received 38 percent of the vote to Deal’s 33 percent on the issue of government ethics and corruption.

The recent change is attributed to Deals most recent attack ad in which he lambasted his opponent for wanting to increase spending and taxes for small businesses and the middle class. Carter denounced the ad and claimed that it was dishonest, but Deal asserted that attack ads are a necessary part of politics and elections.

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2014 Governor Polls Updates: Colorado, Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, Kansas, Georgia

Kansas, PPP

  • Davis (D): 45
  • Brownback (R): 39

Colorado, Denver Post

  • Hickenlooper (D): 45
  • Beauprez (R): 43

Wisconsin, Marquette

  • Walker (R): 49
  • Burke (D): 46

Florida, Rasmussen

  • Crist (D): 42
  • Scott (R): 40

Michigan, PPP

  • Snyder (R): 46
  • Schauer (D): 44

It’s been over a week since we last checked in on some of the tightest gubernatorial races in the country and with campaigning in full swing, a lot has changed.

In Kansas, a new PPP poll, the largest we’ve seen yet, shows Democratic challenger Paul Davis leading incumbent Republican Governor Sam Brownback by 6 percent. Davis has now led five of the last six polls out of Kansas and seven of the last nine. He looks like a lock to win Kansas.

Georgia appears to be as close as it gets. After an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll and a Survey USA poll both had incumbent Republican Governor Nathan Deal leading by just 1 percent, a WSB-TV/Landmark poll has Democratic challenger Jason Carter leading by 3 percent and a new Insider Advantage poll has Deal up by 4 percent. This race could go either way at this point.

A new Qunnipiac poll has Republican challenger Bob Beauprez leading incumbent Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper by 10 percent but that appears to be an aberration. A USA Today poll and a Denver Post poll released this week both have Hickenlooper up by 2 percent, a recent Rasmussen poll has Beauprez up by 1 percent, and a CBS News/NY Times poll has the race tied. This one could go either way right now, there’s no way Beauprez took home a 12-percent swing overnight. Quinnipiac needs to check their numbers.

In Wisconsin, incumbent Governor Scott Walker leads Democratic challenger Mary Burke by 3 percent in a new Marquette University survey and by 2 percent in the latest Rasmussen poll. The last Marquette poll had Burke up by 2 so Walker appears to be inching forward.

In Florida, a new PPP poll has Democratic challenger Charlie Crist leading incumbent Republican Governor Rick Scott by 3 percent while a Rasmussen poll has Crist up by 2. That’s significant after Scott led three straight August polls.

In Michigan, every poll except for a USA Today survey has Republican incumbent Rick Snyder leading Democratic challenger Mark Schauer by 1-3 percent, including a PPP poll, CBS News/NY Times poll, Detroit News poll, and a Vanguard poll. Too close to call but consistent enough to consider Snyder a slight favorite.

2014 Governor Polls Update: Colorado, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia

Rasmussen: Colorado

  • Beauprez (R): 45
  • Hickenlooper (D): 44

TB Times/Bay News 9: Florida

  • Scott (R): 44
  • Crist (D): 38

WRBL/Ledger-Enquirer: Georgia

  • Deal (R): 44
  • Carter (D): 42

NBC News/Marist: Arkansas

  • Hutchinson (R): 48
  • Ross (D): 39

Election Day is approaching and many gubernatorial races around the country are in full gear with political ads dominating the airwaves. We’ve seen a handful of new polls released in the last week, let’s take a look at how some of the closest races in the country are shaping up.

In Georgia, where a recent poll found Democrat Jason Carter, the son of former President and Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter, leading incumbent Republican Governor Nathan Deal, the latest WRBL/Ledger-Enquirer poll (the largest poll out of Georgia yet, sampling 1,578 likely voters) finds Deal with a slim 2-point lead.

Several polls have shown Carter leading in July and August but Deal has led the vast majority of polls out of Georgia and remains a slight favorite to edge out Carter in November.

In Florida, where elections are always interesting, we have seen incumbent Republican Governor Rick Scott lead by 1-6 percent since July while just one poll has shown Charlie Crist in the lead by just 2 percent. Scott has now led five of the last six polls out of Florida, albeit by slight margins, and remains the favorite to win re-election.

Colorado is shaping up to be one of the closest races in the country as a new Rasmussen poll has Republican challenger Bob Beauprez leading incumbent Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper by 1 percent while a new NBC News/Marist poll has Hickenlooper up by 4 percent.

Since July, a Quinnipiac poll had Beauprez up by 1, a PPP poll had Hickenlooper up by 1, and a CBS News/New York Times poll had the race tied. Don’t expect to see a clear frontrunner out of Colorado until all the votes are counted.

In Arkansas, Republican candidate Asa Hutchinson leads a new NBC News/Marist poll by 9 percent, which wouldn’t be surprising if the latest Rasmussen poll didn’t have Democrat Mike Ross leading by 2 percent. Regardless, Hutchinson has led every poll expect the Rasmussen poll since April by at least 3 percent and as much as 8 percent so he remains a solid favorite to win the state.

Deal Maintains Slight Lead over Carter in Georgia’s Governor Race

Insider Advantage, 7/5 – 8/13

Georgia Governor

  • Nathan Deal (Republican incumbent) – 43%
  • Jason Carter (Democrat) – 39%
  • Andrew Hunt (Libertarian) – 7%
  • Undecided – 11%

The most recent Insider Advantage poll has revealed that Republican Nathan Deal continues to maintain his slight lead over Democrat Jason Carter in the Georgian Governor’s race. In July, Carter led the polls with a +1 and a +7, but his lead evaporated by August when Deal took a +9 and +4 lead. Currently, Deal leads with a +4. However the spread is a +1.3 when the various polls are averaged out.

It is believed that the election will come down to the wire and reports suggest that 35% of African American voters could vote for Deal, but their votes could swing by election day based on voter turnout and other factors. If Deal can appeal to libertarians, he may be able to siphon votes from Andrew Hunt in an effort to increase his lead. Amongst youth who actually vote, Deal has a slight advantage and there is always the issue of voter turnout in midterm elections for Democrats. If the majority of young voters were to show up at the polls, Deal would struggle to secure a victory.

Georgia has a long history of electing governors that align with the Democrats. However, the last two governors, George E. Perdue and Deal himself, have been Republicans. Deal also holds a strong advantage in the name recognition department. Whether or not he has been an effective governor, his name is known in the state and that can generate last minute votes come election time. Will Georgia remain Republican or will it shift back to the Democrats? This is one election where it is nearly impossible to predict who will emerge as the victor.

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Bad News For Democrats as Governor Races Swing Republican

With primaries in most states now over, most polls have turned to general election races with 33 senate and 36 governorships up for grabs this November. With President Obama’s approval ratings tanking, many of the races are starting to swing to the Republican side.

In Florida, after Survey USA and Quinnipiac polls both showed Democrat Charlie Crist leading the gubernatorial race by 5-6 points, a new CBS News/NY Times poll now shows Republican incumbent Rick Scott leading by 5 points and a new Rasmussen poll has Scott up by one.

In Illinois, CBS News/NY Times have Republican challenger Bruce Rauner leading incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn by 3 points while a Rasmussen poll shows Rauner leading by five.

In Michigan, after Republican Rick Snyder and Democrat Mark Schauer were tied in a PPP poll in June, CBS/NYT, Rasmussen, and EPIC-MRA now all have Snyder leading by 3 percent.

In Arkansas, where Democrat Mark Ross held a slim lead for most of the spring, Republican Asa Hutchinson now leads by 3-5 points, according to the CBS/NYT and Talk Business Polls.

In Wisconsin, incumbent Republican Governor Scott Walker has taken a slim 1 percent lead over Democratic challenger Mary Burke who had been tied with Walker since the spring.

In Colorado, incumbent Democrat John Hickenlooper held the lead over Republican Bob Beauprez since the beginning of polling season but the CBS News/NYT poll shows Beauprez in a tie with Hickenlooper while a Quinnipiac poll has the Republican up by one.

Arkansas is its own unique mess. A Landmark Communications poll has Democrat Jason Carter up by 7 while the CBS/NYT poll has Republican Nathan Deal leading by 9.

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