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Grading Obama: Average Approval, Country on Wrong Track

The latest round of approval and opinion polls for President Barack Obama have revealed that the majority of Americans disapprove of him and believe that he has put the country in the wrong direction.

Gallup Approval

  • Approve – 44%
  • Disapprove – 51%

Rasmussen Reports Approval

  • Approval – 47%
  • Disapprove – 52%

Reuters/Ipsos Approval

  • Approve – 42%
  • Disapprove – 53%

Reuters/Ipsos Direction

  • Right Direction- 24%
  • Wrong Direction – 64%

The results for this poll were pretty typical. Obama is in his last year of public office and he doesn’t have much to gain at this point. He will try to pass exit policies, but for the most part, his public opinion is meaningless at this point as he cannot serve a third term and Obama is finished with politics when he leaves office.

The numbers are on par with Obama’s averages. For the better part of the last year, Obama has managed to keep a consistent approval rating of low to mid 40. The results vary based on which company the poll was conduced by, but they have been fairly consistent over this period.

In terms of the direction of the country, most Americans have low confidence in Obama and his ability to deal with ISIS. This fear is misplaced and the result of continuous attacks by Republicans who paint the president as incompetent. In reality, Obama has handled the situation in the Middle East to the best of his ability and he has had to work with a combative Congress through every step of the process.

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Obama’s Approval Polls Remain Static Amidst the Election Cycle

The latest approval polls for President Barack Obama have been released by Gallup. The results show no significant change for Obama as voters are becoming disinterested in him and more interested in the upcoming election.

The Stats

  • Approve – 46%
  • Disapprove – 50%

Obama’s numbers have been static for the past year. He has struggled to dent the 50 percent mark and it looks unlikely that he will be able to do this heading into his final year as president.

Despite Paul Ryan becoming the new House Speaker and promising change, he has already made it clear that he will not work with Obama to hash out an immigration plan. Ryan’s refusal to work with Obama will make him look weak and ineffective, and in the eyes of voters, they will continue to lose confidence in him as a president.

However, Obama did manage to sneak a two-year budget deal through, something that he deserves credit for. Almost yearly, the budget topic is a major one that is heavily charged by partisan politics. This year’s budget was quickly debated and slid through the system, proving that party cooperation is possible. Still, the budget deal didn’t earn Obama any praise as the average American isn’t overly concerned with the details of the U.S. budget.

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Obama’s Approval Ratings Remain Static

The latest round of polls tallying President Barack Obama’s approval ratings remain static. Several polls conducted by Gallup, Rasmussen Reports, Reuters, The Economist and YouGov, and ABC News and the Washington Post had the president scoring approval ratings across the mid-forties

Obama’s Approval Ratings:

  • Gallup – 45%
  • Rasmussen Reports – 45%
  • Reuters – 44%
  • The Economist / YouGov – 47%
  • ABC News / The Washington Post – 47%

Obama’s approval ratings have hovered around the forties for over a year. For most of the summer, his approval ratings were at the current average and they haven’t budged at all. His highest approval ratings of the current term were achieved in 2012 when he scored a 53.8 percent in Dec. 2012. It seems unlikely that his approval ratings will change much going forward as he rides out his final term. Obama’s main job for the Democrats is to remain low key and to avoid damaging the party’s reputation as they approach the upcoming election.

Former President George W. Bush achieved much lower approval ratings when he left office. From 2008-2009, his approval ratings were below the forties and he scored as low as the high twenties at certain points. Obama may be an unpopular president as his term comes to an end, but he isn’t as unpopular as Bush was.

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Obama’s Approval Ratings Hover Around 45%

The latest Gallup poll tallying President Barack Obama’s approval ratings is in. Obama achieved a pretty standard approval rating that was consistent with his overall average.

What is your opinion of the president?

  • Approve – 45%
  • Disapprove – 49%

A different poll by Fox News pegged Obama’s approval rating at 42 percent and his disapproval rating at 51 percent, while a poll by Rasmussen Reports had the totals at 47 percent and 52 percent respectively.

There is nothing unordinary about these totals and they suggest that the majority of Americans are indifferent to Obama. For the majority, they recognize that his time in office is nearly done and that it is time to start thinking about who they want to elect as the next president.

Obama’s presidency started on high hopes, saw the implementation of Obamacare, and saw the government protect Wall Street, despite their role in bringing the economy to its knees. Most Americans are eager to move on from Obama, not because he was a bad president, but more so because they are antsy to elect someone new and see if they can fix the country.

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Majority of Americans Believe Partisan Politics Divide the Country

A recent poll by Rasmussen Reports has revealed that the majority of Americans believe that President Barack Obama and the current Congress frequently disagree due to partisan politics and the party divide.

President Obama and Republicans in Congress oppose each other on most major issues facing the nation. This opposition is due mostly to:

  • Fundamental differences of opinion – 22%
  • Partisan politics – 70%
  • Not sure – 8%

It has been a longstanding tradition for the two major parties to disagree with each other on every major issue. The current political climate punishes candidates who back an idea that wasn’t proposed by their party. Politicians are always worried about giving a point to their opposition or to lose face and look like they are getting soft towards traditional liberalism or conservatism. This is a major flaw and something that needs to be fixed. Sadly, it never will be fixed as it would require a complete overhaul of the current political system.


  • Male 50%, Female 50%
  • 18-39 (31%), 40-64 (51%), 65+ (18%)
  • White 73%, Black 12%, Other 15%
  • Republican 31%, Democrat 35%, Other 34%

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Majority of Americans Believe Obama and Congress Should Cooperate

A recent poll by Rasmussen Reports has revealed that a large portion on Americans believe that President Barack Obama and the United States Congress should work together for the better of the country.

1,000 likely U.S. voters were asked their opinions about the relationship between the president and Congress.

Which is more important?

  • For each body to stand for their beliefs – 16%
  • For the two bodies to work together – 79%
  • Undecided – 5%

Not surprisingly, the majority of Americans want the two major political forces in the country to work together. Obama and Congress have been longtime enemies. Congress has worked tirelessly to undermine Obama’s authority (think John Boehner), while Obama has also used his presidential authority to block Congress from passing certain bills. Partisan politics are a fact of life in the United States. The country is heavily divided on party lines and average Americans are forced to choose between two parties that fail to look out for them.

The Demographics:

  • Male – 49%
  • Female – 51%
  • 18-39 – 30%
  • 40-64 – 52%
  • 65+ – 18%
  • White – 73%
  • Black – 12%
  • Other – 15%
  • Republican – 31%
  • Democrat – 35%
  • Other – 34%

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Barack Obamas Approval Ratings Remain Stagnant

The latest round of approval ratings for President Barack Obama reveal stagnant and show that the president is highly unpopular and unlikely to ever recover.

July 1 pegged the president at a 49 percent approval. 27 percent strongly approved of him, 38 percent strongly disproved of him.

In mid-June, the president’s numbers were slightly worse. He achieved a 46 percent approval and 52 percent disapproval.

On July 1, 2014, the president had a 48 percent approval and 50 percent disapproval. A year prior to that, his numbers were largely the same.

The president’s highest approval rating was achieved early in his first term. He scored a 69 percent approval rating during the holidays in 2008. During the same period, his disapproval rating was a lowly 29 percent.

Obama has often been criticized for being a lifeless puppet, unable to act, and unwilling to budge from the status quo. He recently passed the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership bill, one that big business was working hard to push through the system.

When discussing the recent bill, he suggested that it was beneficial to American workers.

“I would not be signing these bills if I was not absolutely convinced that these pieces of legislation are ultimately good for American workers,” he said.

His administration was in charge as the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage across the country. This issue is popular with younger voters, but older Americans and conservatives will all be dissatisfied with the decision and it will likely reflect in the president’s approval ratings.

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Obamas Approval Ratings Remain Static as a Result of the Events in Ferguson

Gallup, 8/18 – 8/20

Barack Obama Job Approval

  • Approve of the job of Barrack Obama – 44%
  • Disapprove of the job of Barrack Obama – 50%

The most recent Gallup poll measured President Barack Obama’s approval ratings in regards to the job he has done as president. To date, he has a 44% approval rating and a 50% disapproval rating. The poll measured the results of 1,500 national adults and had a margin of error of 3%. A recent Rasmussen Reports poll calculated Obama’s approval rating at 46% and his disapproval rating at 53%.

Overall, his approval rating has remained static as many individuals thought that he didn’t do enough in response to the Ferguson shootings. Through the early stages of the event, he issued a typical presidential response that called for a de-escalation of violence, the unity of the American people, and for a restoration of order. Many believed that this wasn’t enough and that Obama should have stepped in and used his executive power to mandate some form of reform for police departments that would descale the rampant problem of militarization or call for mandatory body cams.

Overall, Obama has been an unpopular president who has failed to gain any significant momentum in the polls. Part of the blame can be placed on the Republicans in Congress who have created a massive gridlock in Congress and who have refused to work with the Democrats on any legislation. Obama has also received a lot of flak and his approval ratings have suffered as a result of the stance that he took in Iraq. Many Americans want to pull out of Iraq, but the President has ramped up airstrikes and they are trying to make the country stable, a task that is nearly impossible given the current political climate of the country.

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