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Rating the Government: Wrong Direction and Not Liked

The latest poll’s by Gallup and The Economist / YouGov have revealed that the majority of American voters disapprove of President Obama, disapprove of Congress, and believe the country is on the wrong track.

Obama’s Approval Ratings (Gallup):

  • Approve- 46%
  • Disapprove – 49%

Obama’s Approval Ratings (The Economist):

  • Approve – 44%
  • Disapprove – 53%

Congressional Approval Ratings (The Economist):

  • Approve – 9%
  • Disapprove – 69%

Direction of Country (The Economist):

  • Right Direction – 27%
  • Wrong Track – 65%

Overall, the latest approval ratings for the government are dismal and highlight the flaws in the political system. Congress achieved a nine percent approval rating, a number that is worrisome and likely influenced by Republicans inability to accomplish anything and the current House Speaker drama.

In terms of Obama’s ratings, they are pretty average based on his ratings throughout his presidency and are not a cause for concern. He has been an unpopular president due to his early promises of change that he was unable to follow through on due to a stubborn Congress.

The majority of Americans do not believe in the current elected officials, which translates to their policies. Most see our foreign policy in the Middle East as a disaster and our loss of credibility to the Russians. In addition, the Iran Deal was seen as a failure by most Americans who do not understand its purpose. With such a low confidence in the American government, it becomes easy to see why presidential and congressional approval ratings are so low.

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Obama’s Approval Ratings Remain Stationary Midway through September

Gallup / Rasmussen Reports, 9/13 – 9/15

President Obama Job Approval

  • Rasmussen Reports

o   Approve – 47%

o   Disapprove – 53%

  • Gallup

o   Approve – 41%

o   Disapprove – 55%

President Obama’s mid-September approval ratings have been released in the most recent Gallup and Rasmussen Reports polls. Gallup pegged Obama at a 41% approval rating and a 55% disapproval rating, while Rasmussen Reports recorded a 47% approval and 53% disapproval. The margin of error for both polls was 3%.

Obama continues to be an unpopular president. With elections looming, Obama has been relatively quiet as he is trying to cause as little damage as possible for his fellow party members. Congress continues to be inept, Republicans continue to oppose Democrats, and vice versa. The entire political system is a mess and Obama’s approval ratings are indicative of that.

The Middle East continues to be a dividing topic amongst all Americans. Supporters of intervention say that Obama isn’t doing enough, that his ramped up missile strikes are inadequate, and that the president is not committed to winning the war. On the other side, Obama is criticized for any form of intervention. These individuals feel that the president is overstepping his authority, stretching the country thin, and engaging them in a senseless conflict that will yield no results and that doesn’t benefit the average American citizen.

In the end, Obama is trapped in a paradox. If he does nothing, he loses, and if he does something, he loses. This concept applies to all policy. When he passed Obamacare with the intention of providing poor families with healthcare coverage, he angered the right-wing and other quasi-conservatives. When he intervened in the Middle East, conservatives claimed that he didn’t do enough and liberals hated the fact that the U.S. was committed to the region again. The immigration crisis angered conservatives who wanted the immigrant children tossed out of the country at all costs. Using this knowledge, Obama can never improve his approval ratings past the current range that they have been trapped in for the last few months.

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