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Obama’s Approval Polls Remain Static Amidst the Election Cycle

The latest approval polls for President Barack Obama have been released by Gallup. The results show no significant change for Obama as voters are becoming disinterested in him and more interested in the upcoming election.

The Stats

  • Approve – 46%
  • Disapprove – 50%

Obama’s numbers have been static for the past year. He has struggled to dent the 50 percent mark and it looks unlikely that he will be able to do this heading into his final year as president.

Despite Paul Ryan becoming the new House Speaker and promising change, he has already made it clear that he will not work with Obama to hash out an immigration plan. Ryan’s refusal to work with Obama will make him look weak and ineffective, and in the eyes of voters, they will continue to lose confidence in him as a president.

However, Obama did manage to sneak a two-year budget deal through, something that he deserves credit for. Almost yearly, the budget topic is a major one that is heavily charged by partisan politics. This year’s budget was quickly debated and slid through the system, proving that party cooperation is possible. Still, the budget deal didn’t earn Obama any praise as the average American isn’t overly concerned with the details of the U.S. budget.

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Obama’s Approval Ratings Remain Stationary Midway through September

Gallup / Rasmussen Reports, 9/13 – 9/15

President Obama Job Approval

  • Rasmussen Reports

o   Approve – 47%

o   Disapprove – 53%

  • Gallup

o   Approve – 41%

o   Disapprove – 55%

President Obama’s mid-September approval ratings have been released in the most recent Gallup and Rasmussen Reports polls. Gallup pegged Obama at a 41% approval rating and a 55% disapproval rating, while Rasmussen Reports recorded a 47% approval and 53% disapproval. The margin of error for both polls was 3%.

Obama continues to be an unpopular president. With elections looming, Obama has been relatively quiet as he is trying to cause as little damage as possible for his fellow party members. Congress continues to be inept, Republicans continue to oppose Democrats, and vice versa. The entire political system is a mess and Obama’s approval ratings are indicative of that.

The Middle East continues to be a dividing topic amongst all Americans. Supporters of intervention say that Obama isn’t doing enough, that his ramped up missile strikes are inadequate, and that the president is not committed to winning the war. On the other side, Obama is criticized for any form of intervention. These individuals feel that the president is overstepping his authority, stretching the country thin, and engaging them in a senseless conflict that will yield no results and that doesn’t benefit the average American citizen.

In the end, Obama is trapped in a paradox. If he does nothing, he loses, and if he does something, he loses. This concept applies to all policy. When he passed Obamacare with the intention of providing poor families with healthcare coverage, he angered the right-wing and other quasi-conservatives. When he intervened in the Middle East, conservatives claimed that he didn’t do enough and liberals hated the fact that the U.S. was committed to the region again. The immigration crisis angered conservatives who wanted the immigrant children tossed out of the country at all costs. Using this knowledge, Obama can never improve his approval ratings past the current range that they have been trapped in for the last few months.

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Obama’s Approval Ratings Linger in the Low 40s

Gallup, 8/29 – 8/31

President Obama Job Approval

  • Approve – 42%
  • Disapprove – 51%

The weekly Gallup poll asked 1,500 national adults whether or not they approved of President Barack Obama and his overall job as the leader of the U.S. The poll had a margin of error of 3%. 42% of adults approve of Obama, while 51% disapprove. Obama has struggled to improve his approval ratings, but he has managed to average around a low 40 for over a month.

A Rasmussen Reports poll from the same dates pegged his approval rating at 46% and his disapproval rating at 52%. A week before that, a poll by You Gov revealed an approval rating of 43% and a disapproval rating of 56%. Overall, the numbers have been pretty static and a lot of this has to do with Obama’s overall political strategy as midterm elections approach. His strategy is to do as little harm as possible to his fellow party members.

Instead, he is focusing on a popular issue, like raising the minimum wage. Increasing the minimum wage would be a major success for the Democrats and it would net them a lot of votes if they were able to pass some form of meaningful legislation. In terms of the lawsuit he is facing, it would be wise for Obama to deflect criticism towards the Republicans for their incompetence, irrationality, and their unwillingness to work with the system. Obama must shy away from talking about the situation in the Middle East as it will severely damage his approval ratings and the image of his party. There are no clear cut answers for solving the crisis in that region and Obama would be wise to avoid discussing it all together.

With elections fast approaching, Obama’s approval ratings will be at the mercy of his fellow party members and how they develop the image of the Democrats to the masses who will show up at the polls. Experts believe that the polls will favor the Republicans, an unfortunate truth that always seems to happen during midterm elections.

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