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New Hampshire Senate: Brown Running out of Time to Capture the Lead

Suffolk, 10/16 – 10/19

New Hampshire Senate

  • Jeanne Shaheen – Democrat – 48.60%
  • Scott Brown – Republican – 45.60%
  • Undecided – 5.60%

The Democrat Jeanne Shaheen has recaptured the lead after temporarily falling behind in September to her Republican challenger Scott Brown. Suffolk’s most recent poll pegged Shaheen at 48.60 percent of the vote, while Brown had 45.60 percent.

In September, a New England College poll had Brown in the lead for the first time ever. He secured 48 percent of the votes, to Shaheen’s 47. He didn’t maintain his minor advantage heading into October.

Shaheen’s approval ratings were average. 46 percent of voters approve of the job that she has done, while 46 did not.

Voters were asked whether or not either candidates attack ads influenced their decisions in the election. 35.40 percent of voters did not like Shaheen’s devotion to Obama and 44.40 percent said that it made no difference. For Brown, 45 percent of voters said that they trusted him to deal with women’s issues, while 43.60 said they did not.

When asked what candidate they thought had the more negative campaign, 34.20 percent chose Shaheen and 33 percent Brown.

44.20 percent of voters believe that Brown will vote the party line, while 38.40 percent think that he has an independent voice.

It is worth noting that 30 percent of voters in this poll admit to trusting Fox News as their primary source for news. 13.20 percent said ABC, 11.40 CNN, and 6.40 MSNBC.

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Democrats Maintain a Slight Advantage for the New Hampshire Senate

Rasmussen Reports, 9/10 – 9/11

New Hampshire Senate

  • Jeanne Shaheen – Democrat – 48%
  • Scott Brown – Republican – 42%
  • Other – 5%
  • Undecided – 5%

The Democrats continue to lead in New Hampshire, but their lead is dwindling and the incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen will need to gain some ground if she wants to maintain her lead over her Republican challenger, Scott Brown. The most recent poll was conducted by Rasmussen Reports and has a margin of error of 4%. Currently, Shaheen has secured 48%, her opponent has 42%, 5% like a different candidate, and 5% of voters were undecided.

49% of voters were male, 51% female, 23% were aged 18-39, 57% were 40-64, and 19% were over the age of 65, 95% were white and 5% were non-white, and 30% of the voters identified as Republican, 27% as Democrat, and 43% identified with a different party. The only demographical statistic that is worth mentioning is the 95% white vote. Generally, the Democrats are associated with minorities, but in the case of New Hampshire, Shaheen is winning the polls with white voters.

55% of the voters approve of Shaheen and 42% disapprove of her, while 44% approve of Brown and 42% disapprove of him. Only 1% of the voters have never heard of either candidate. This means that they both have name recognition and that the polls represent a much more accurate picture than a typical political poll would. Voters were equally acknowledged both candidates and neither candidate suffered poor approval ratings due to a lack of name recognition. Sheehan won the New Hampshire Senate race in 2008. Previously, she was governor of the state.

Overall, 86% of the voters claimed that they were certain to vote and 14% said that they weren’t. This race is far from determined and it is likely that either candidate could exchange the lead as the election approaches.

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