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2014 Senate Polls Update: North Carolina, South Dakota, Kansas, Georgia, Iowa

Iowa: Loras College

  • Ernst (R): 42
  • Braley (D): 42

Georgia: PPP

  • Perdue (R): 48
  • Nunn (D): 45

Kansas: Survey USA

  • Orman (I): 47
  • Roberts (R): 42

South Dakota: Survey USA

  • Rounds (R): 35
  • Pressler (I): 32
  • Weiland (D): 28

North Carolina: Rasmussen

  • Hagan (D): 48
  • Tillis (R): 46

With campaign ads, stump speeches, and debates intensifying around the country, it seems like every Senate race is constantly changing. This week we have more new numbers to comb through, let’s take a look at how the tightest races around the nation are shaping up.

Iowa remains arguably the closest race of them all with the latest Loras College poll finding a tie in the race between Republican Joni Ernst and Democrat Bruce Braley. Three of the last seven polls have had the race completely tied, two polls had Ernst slightly leading by two, and one poll had Braley slightly leading by 1.

In Georgia, Republican candidate David Perdue has now led Democrat Michelle Nunn in seven straight polls but has been unable to open up a big lead. He has now led by 3-4 percent in four straight polls. He certainly has the edge but Nunn is far from out of it.

In Kansas, independent candidate Greg Orman has now led every head-to-head poll and leads Republican incumbent Pat Roberts by 5 percent in the latest Survey USA poll. Orman has now led by 5-10 percent in seven of eight polls out of Kansas since August and is the clear frontrunner.

South Dakota’s three-way race is suddenly getting interesting. Independent candidate Larry Pressler didn’t figure to make much of a dent, earning just 12 percent in a CBS News/NYT poll but a new Survey USA poll has him within striking distance of Republican Mike Rounds. Rounds leads with 35 percent, Pressler is at 32, and Democrat Rick Weiland trails with 28 percent.

In North Carolina, incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan has now led Republican challenger Thom Tillis in 12 straight polls but has not been able to widen her lead. She leads Tillis by 2 percent in a new Rasmussen poll, 4 percent in an NBC News poll, and 3 percent in a CNN poll.